R50 Is the Premier Rush Tribute Band


R50 wants the incomparable music of Rush to live on. In the spirit of R30 and R40, landmark anniversaries of Rush, R50 is committed to keeping this great music alive to the 50th anniversary of the band and beyond. In that spirit, R50 does the heavy lifting as a trio. All eras of Rush's journey are represented in R50's live performances- from the hard rock and prog of the 70s, to the synth era of the 80s, to their rock return of the 90s and 2000s. R50 will bring all the best Rush has to offer to their live shows, from the hits to deep tracks. The show appeals to the die hard Rush fans and new listeners.

Chris Meek - guitar, vocals, synths

Mike Carlington - drums, percussion

Mike Peattie - bass, vocals, synths